Bare Island Walk

A 30 mins, 870m Return walk | Grade 2/6

A wonderful and easy way to explore the beautiful and historic tip of La Perouse. Bare Island is a small island which you can walk to across a large timber bridge. The island was originally fortified to prevent foreign invasion however it has also been a retirement home and is now a museum and tourist attraction managed by NSW Parks and Wildlife Service. The main part of the island is locked but you can book a tour on Sundays. There is also a set of steps at the end of the bridge to get access to the rock platform of the island. Make a day of it by enjoying the local cafe beaches and other museums in the area.

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Driving to the start
[map]-33.9885913368,151.2336370275 (Start);-33.98859,151.23364 -33.98868,151.23358 -33.98875,151.23353 -33.98886,151.23346 -33.98901,151.23342 -33.98913,151.23336 -33.98923,151.23330 -33.98928,151.23327 -33.98938,151.23320 -33.98947,151.23311 -33.98957,151.23297 -33.98964,151.23289 -33.98972,151.23277 -33.98979,151.23264 -33.98983,151.23251 -33.98987,151.23238 -33.98989,151.23226 -33.98989,151.23214 -33.98988,151.23200 -33.98987,151.23187 -33.98987,151.23183 -33.99030,151.23175 -33.99042,151.23185 -33.99054,151.23200 -33.99062,151.23202 -33.99148,151.23169[/map]