City View Track, Acron Oval

A 20 mins, 740m Return walk | Grade 3/6

Starting from Acron Oval car park on Acron Rd, St Ives, this walk leads you across the oval then through a turpentine forest to a rock platform with views over vast bushland to the tall buildings of the Sydney CBD. This short and mostly flat walk leads along the wide track through the tall forest and is a perfect walk if you want to bring a dog (on leash). The walk leads to a set of unfenced rock platforms, at the top of these cliffs you can enjoy the distant views over the canopy to the Sydney CBD (on the left) and Chatswood CBD (on the right). Retrace your steps to return to the car park. If you are feeling more adventurous and want to explore more, there are series of narrower & rougher tracks that radiate off this walk. The rock platforms are a nice quiet area to sit and enjoy a snack. Always stay at least full two body lengths back from cliff edges.

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