Gibraltar Rock

A 20 mins, 850m Return walk | Grade 2/6

This short walk starts near the Willow Tree Picnic Area (near Audley). The walk follows a short section of the historic Lady Carrington Drive to a large sandstone overhang called Gibraltar Rock. At the base of the overhang is a rare sandstone cobble section of road. At Gibraltar Rock, there are also good view along the Hacking River. This a nice way to stretch your legs whilst picnicking in the area

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Driving to the start
[map]-34.07898,151.05555(Start); -34.07929,151.05521 -34.07903,151.05552 -34.07964,151.05488 -34.08002,151.05467 -34.08042,151.05459 -34.08079,151.05458 -34.08112,151.05459 -34.08153,151.05455 -34.08176,151.0547 -34.08193,151.05492 -34.08191,151.0553 -34.08186,151.05567 -34.08187,151.05574[/map]