The Coastal Hospital Cemetery Walk

A 15 mins, 500m Return walk | Grade 2/6

The Coastal Hospital Cemetery Walk is an easy walk near a beautiful coastline visiting an early Australian cemetery. The cemetery is located on raised ground with views out to the coast and sea. Used primarily as a cemetery for the old quarantine hospital from the 1880’s it is home to over 2000 graves (most not visible). The visible grave sites are interesting and provide a fascinating glimpse into life (and death) 100 years ago. Worth a visit if you are in the area or if you have an interest in the local history.

Full Naturally Accessible notes available
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Driving to the start
[map]-33.9908138727,151.2485576746 (Start);-33.99081,151.24856 -33.99073,151.24864 -33.99069,151.24896 -33.99066,151.24911 -33.99060,151.24921 -33.99052,151.24943 -33.99045,151.24964 -33.99040,151.24981 -33.99038,151.24995 -33.99037,151.25004 -33.99037,151.25005 -33.99040,151.25011 -33.99043,151.25015 -33.99049,151.25019 -33.99055,151.25021 -33.99060,151.25021 -33.99066,151.25016 -33.99076,151.25009 -33.99084,151.25004 -33.99091,151.24998 -33.99095,151.24994 -33.99100,151.24987 -33.99111,151.24981[/map]