We’re thrilled to announce that the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) have granted us funding to kick start out project. The funding will provide the man power and resources to explore more of our ideas and collate a handbook on the important barriers that people with accessible needs must be informed about in order to assess if a bushwalk is suitable for them.

It’s an exciting stage for us to get enough financial support to get started. Watch this space!


  1. The association will improve seniors’ access to natural areas by identifying and then providing information about the accessibility of NSW bushwalking tracks such as gate heights, and location of toilets and seats.

  2. Kel Eggins

    NPA and those menbers involved are to be congratulated on this initiative.

    Information about available Accesssible walks in unmanicured bushland and parks is a long overdue resource for disabled people especially those who are wheelchair dependant, as I am.

    I have a Trekinetic GTE offroad wheelchair which enables me to access suitable tracks and paths except for steps and steep gradients.

    I’m a longtime NPA member who has an ataxia that has destroyed my walking balance and most of my standing balance.

    I’m also a member of CBOC (Cumberland Bird Observers Club) but my participation is limited by accessible tracks.

    Any infornation NPA research in accessible wheelchair tracks and park patgs will be very welcome.

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