Just before Easter 2017, we set off down to Kosciuszko NP to spend some time scouting out walking opportunities for people with disabilities in the park. We have had awesome weather, met some amazing people and enjoyed some stunning views.


Late in 2016, Helen was selected as a NSW Churchill Fellow. Her fellowship was awarded to connect with groups in Canada, USA and Europe and share the progress we’ve made so far under the Naturally Accessible framework. The aim of the fellowship is to share our work and bring back new ideas to further improve … [Read more…]

Wheely Big Bushwalk

The Wheely Big Bushwalk: a fun day out for people in wheelchairs, friends, family and others! Story by SBS news 6.30pm report on 3rd Dec 2016: Events for International Day of People with Disability are so often indoors, focused on concrete infrastructure, lifts and ramps. And yet, the emotional, physical and mental benefits of … [Read more…]

NA 1.0

Naturally Accessible 1.0 was a 12-month project funded by Family and Community Services. Over the 2016 financial year, we identified what sort of bushwalking track information is useful to people with mobility restrictions and how to convey it effectively. We interviewed a range of active bushwalkers with mobility restrictions to learn more about their experiences … [Read more…]

NA 2.0

Family and Community Services have continued to support the Naturally Accessible project into phase 2, which will run over the 2017 financial year. This next phase of the project is about scaling up, and testing the boundaries of the naturally accessible framework by doing something really big – initiating the world’s first overnight bushwalk. Our … [Read more…]


The Naturally Accessible framework is about providing information on bushwalking track conditions so users can select tracks that are suitable for them. Whether you’re a regular bushwalker, or new to it, we believe that information provision is a powerful way of reducing disability and enabling more people to spend time in nature. SUGGESTING A WALK … [Read more…]


In the first phase of our Naturally Accessible project (2016-2017), we developed a manual that outlines how to document and promote bushwalks. Tailored for land managers, the manual runs through the rationale for providing information, the sort of barriers and facilities that are important to document, how to collect and collate the information and lastly … [Read more…]

UTS: Dean’s Prize in Engineering

We were thrilled to see Dave Lee awarded the Dean’s Prize for engineering at the University of Technology Sydney last month. Dave has been exploring the idea of using sensors to help collect data on track conditions. The idea is to attach sensors to a wheelchair and gather data on how the chair moves along the track. … [Read more…]

Ministerial Forum

We’re excited to be heading off to the Accessible Tourism Ministerial Forum next week held at Parliament House, Sydney. This is our chance to tell our story and let people know how passionate we are about equipping people with the knowledge base to undertake nature adventures. Great opportunity for us so early on in the project. … [Read more…]

FACS support

We’re thrilled to announce that the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) have granted us funding to kick start out project. The funding will provide the man power and resources to explore more of our ideas and collate a handbook on the important barriers that people with accessible needs must be informed about in order to assess … [Read more…]